Tonon by Pegasus offers a comprehensive and integrated medical storage products and solutions. The core is the ISO 60-40 modular system of trays and baskets.
The system allows your hospital/nursing home to store, handle and move all medications and medical devices from the central pharmacy/storage room to the ward and finally to the patient’s bedside.

ISO 60-40 modular system - advantages
  • Easier to move drugs/medications from central pharmacy/storage to ward pharmacies and then to patients’ rooms.
  • Better use of available space and huge increase of capacity
  • Improved accessibility to drugs / medications and visibility of content into the modules: easier and quicker access to medications for nursing staff
  • Better organization of the stock available in the ward pharmacy, improved labeling systems
  • Possibility of adding your own IT solutions such as bar code readers for a medication management system Reduces medication/drug delivery mistakes

Technical spec