Tailor made, handle and transport every type of trays available in the market GN Gastronorm, EN Euronorm, UN Universal and TZ Trapezoid.

Lightweight, Robust, Modular and Stainless. Our Tray Trolley has been studied and conceived to satisfy the multiple needs that that you may experience in local self-service as well as in large hotels every day.
It consists of a sturdy supporting structure in light alloy protected against corrosion (anodized 20 microns).

The Tray Trolley comes always with side panels, made of composite aluminium HQ, available in 8 different colours, all with gloss or matt finishing.

The trays are placed in stainless steel racks made of rods.
The span between the supports can be 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 mm or custom made.
The Tray Trolley can accommodate GN, EN, UN, Trapezoidal or special trays, from 7 to a maximum of 32 trays, with 1 or 2 trays per support.

Wheels are made of galvanized steel, rotating and with bumpers; two of them are equipped with a brake.

Total load capacity of the Tray Trolley is 120 kg.
Total maximum height of the Tray Trolley are 950 mm or 1680 mm.

If our standard configurations do not satisfy your needs, we can always study a customized solution to suit your need.

Technical spec Accessories
Tray Trolleys

RAL 9016

White Gloss/Matt
Tray Trolleys

RAL 3020

Red Gloss/Matt
Tray Trolleys

RAL 5005

Blue Gloss/Matt
Tray Trolleys

RAL 6005

Green Gloss/Matt
Tray Trolleys

RAL 1023

Yellow Gloss/Matt
Tray Trolleys

RAL 9005

Black Gloss/Matt
Tray Trolleys