Tonon Srl has always put its experience in the food industry available to all customers.

From industrial installations to small coldrooms, Tonon is committed in providing
the best solutions to maximize your work.

Choosing Tonon means saying goodbye to unproductive areas and welcome to optimized
warehousing, where as much of the space as possible makes a positive contribution to the bottom line.


When you choose a Tonon solution, you also choose to view an expense as an opportunity to enhance earnings.

From the outset, Tonon was created on the basis of the customer’s perspective. So our products have also
been optimized at every stage in order to make your business the best possible.

Not only can Tonon exploit the space available in any storage or cold room to the absolute maximum,
but at the same time Tonon promises a long “shelf life”, as everything has been fashioned
from the highest-grade aluminum.

Tonon also minimizes the time spent on maintenance, particularly the required level of hygiene.

In other words: When you choose Tonon, you save money on a daily basis compared with any other solution.

That’s why Tonon is not afraid to describe its product as ‘Simply the Best’.


The tradition behind Tonon is a proud one, and this is emphasized by the constant
growth enjoyed by the company since its founding in 1946 in Turin.

Nowadays it is owned and managed by the third generation of the Tonon family,
who also put their name to the company, quite deliberately, since it has been based
on innovation and pride from the very beginning – and they are keen to acknowledge
that by putting their name to it. Tonon the company is quite simply part of Tonon the family.

Over the years Tonon has steadily expanded out of Turin till the present,
and in practice it now has satisfied customers all over the world.


Environmental sustainability is not only about the construction materials.

This has been enshrined in our design throughout, and we therefore have a solution
in which we also take pride – not only on account of the high quality, but just as much
because Tonon is doing its bit to spare the environment as much as possible.

We wish to retain that focus—partly because it’s the only proper thing to do and partly because
we expect there to be nothing short of an increasing focus on environmental considerations
from all quarters – and Tonon would like to continue being at the forefront of that field.